Eric Marquis - Your Virtual Assistant when you need decorated stuff.

Promotional products are the useful tangible items that get imprinted with a name, logo or idea and are used to forward your message, move your brand, and otherwise aid in forwarding your  branding, marketing or sales objectives.

“82.6% of people can recall the company and brand on their promotional product”*

As your Promotional Consultant I help you to: identify the ideal products for your planned use; determine the best decoration; provide you with the finished products — all of this in a way that is efficient and provides you with the best value for your spend. I will help to answer all of your questions (even those you do not know to ask) while saving you time and getting you the most for your money.

“Promotional products generate 15% - 50% greater recall rate than other major media.”*

Consider me your Virtual Assistant when you need decorated stuff. Let me, and my very capable team, serve as your personal promotional products consultancy so that all of your projects are done right and done on time. I put substantial industry resources to work to make it happen for you. You will especially want to call on me when you want Garments & Gear that are personalized with individual names, dates or other meaningful content.

My expertise can be useful for:

SCHOOL — Students come alive when they are able to have a personal connection to their school and can express that connection in their own way.

BUSINESS — Promotional products for awareness, but also for incentives for your customers and incentives for your staff.

CHURCH — Use promotional products to foster support and to encourage participation.

DONORS — Sometimes as a gift, sometimes a reward, sometimes an incentive — or for a program that incorporates all of these elements. You need great matches, I make this happen for you.

FUNDRAISING — The magic happens when we can accomplish our fundraising without having to invest our own funds! There are quite a few ways to do this, let me assist in identifying some that are good for you.

AGENCY — You have multiple clients who need have a variety of needs. All the more reason to have me and my team to cover you and your team.

MADE IN AMERICA — The best and most Made in the U.S.A. products, when you need them, let me show you.

Start the conversation with me online at, email me at, or call me at (415) 371-9415. (Email will help us keep the details clear.)




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